Properties And Benefits of Ajowan

SCIENTIFIC NAME – Tracbyspermum ammi



OVERVIEW – Ajowan is used as medicine from the ancient times as it contains Thymol which is good for digestion. Ajowan is tiny in size but it has many benefits stomach aches, also helps in digestion etc.


  1. It is good for digestion.
  2. It is also beneficial to get rid of Stomach Worms.
  3. It gives great relief in cough.
  4. Apply its powder mixed with water on the aching area, it gives great relief.
  5. It is also good for getting rid of stomach aches.


  1. EARS PAIN – Boil ajowan in til oil and when it cools down, pour 2-3 drops of the mixture in ears. It will give a great relief.
  2. INTESTINAL PARASITES – Take half spoon of Ajowan with one glass of buttermilk, It helps in getting rid of intestinal parasites.
  3. STOMACH PAIN AND GASTRIC PROBLEMS – Take half spoon of ajowan with pinch of salt in morning , it is very useful for stomach pain and gastric problem. Mix some ajowan powder with Hing in pure Ghee and apply it on stomach , it gives great relief in gastric problems.
  4. ACIDITY – Take one fourth spoon of ajwain with water it is very helpful in acidity.
  5. DIARRHOEA – Mix ajowan with salt and take it with water , it gives great relief in diarrhoea.
  6. MALARIA FEVER – Dip 10 gms of ajowan in water at night and warm this water; have it in the morning, it gives great relief in Malaria fever.


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