Benefits and Properties Of Mango

SCIENTIFIC NAME – Mangifera Indica


CHEMICAL COMPOSITION – Well we all know that Mango is called as king of all fruits , here is the reason . Mango consists of Iron , Potassium , Calcium , Magnesium , Manganese , Copper , Zinc and Phosphorus. The presence of these chemical components makes Mango “The king of all fruits”.

PROPERTIES OF MANGO – Mango consists of Vitamin A , Vitamin B , Vitamin C and Iron.


  • Ripe mango is a very good source of energy, having a mango can provide you with good amount of energy to perform every day’s work
  • Mango is cold by nature that’s why its being advised to have mangoes in summer.
  • Ripe mango is sweet as well easily digestible , it provides coolness to our stomach.
  • Ripe mango is also good for heart.
  • Mango also helps in increasing Red Blood Cells (RBC) in our body.
  • Mango can also be used as a weapon against laziness, it completely removes laziness from the body.
  • A person suffering from Tuberculosis (TB) can be recommended to have mangoes as it helps in fighting against TB.


  1. THROAT DISEASES – Mango leaves are very beneficial in throat diseases. Burn the mango leaves and inhale the smoke of the leaves , this would help in overcoming any throat diseases.
  2. INTESTINAL PARASITES – Powder of Mango’s stone can be used to kill the intestinal parasites.
  3. WHITE HAIR – No need to colour your hair black to hide white hair because Oil of Mango’s stone can turn your white hair black.
  4. PRICKLY HEAT/ RASH – Take a unripe Mango and roast it properly , now apply the pulp of mango on the affected part. This would help in overcoming prickly heat or rash.
  5. DANDRUFF – The oil of Mango’s stone can be used to get rid of dandruff.
  6. BURNS – The paste of Mango’s stone can give instant relief when applied on the burnt area.
  7. ANOREXIA – Mix the juice of Mango along with Clarified butter ( Ghee ) and Sugar ( Khaand ) and have it for 15 days regularly. This will surely help in overcoming anorexia.
  8. DIARRHOEA – Make a paste of soft leaves of mango with black pepper and prepare it in the form of tablets. These tablets would help in overcoming diarrhoea.
  9. STRONG TEETH AND GUMS – Take equal quantity of mango peel and leaves , make a paste and apply on teeth and gums regularly. This will make your teeth and gums strong.




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