How to stop Heart related diseases !

Many of us know that heart related problems are increasing day by day in our society. Most interesting fact about this disease is that the young people or young generation are also becoming part of this disease. High blood pressure , Increase in sugar level in our body , lack of oxygen supply in our blood , taking too much stress and unhealthy habits leads to heart attack and heart related problems.

We do not pay enough attention on these mentioned facts and we become victims of heart problems. One thing we should keep in mind that adopting healthy lifestyle and some healthy habits will surely help us to stay away from this fuss.

We must have a proper routine and schedule of our daily meals. This is one of the major facts which makes our heart weaker because inappropriate meals would certainly bring harm to our health specially to our heart. A proper routine means having break fast between 8-9 AM then having lunch between 1-3 PM and having dinner between 8-9 PM.

Most of us do not have a proper routine due to office work. But we should not ignore the fact that this is the major cause of the heart related problems in our society. A healthy lifestyle includes various exercises which includes running , jogging ,walking etc . Most of the people fail to perform daily exercises which helps nerves and veins to supply oxygen and blood throughout our body.
Green vegetables provide absolute nutrition to our body especially our heart. We should eat home cooked food as much as we can rather than eating junk food.


Junk food means old and discarded food which is pleasant to our tongue but not pleasant to our body. We should avoid eating junk food. Many of us don’t have time to cook food for ourselves so we take some easy ways i.e buying junk food from the market. Instead we should buy some fruits or we can drink some fruit juice which will not harm our body and will increase the level of proteins and vitamins in our body.

Many countries are being effected by heart diseases due these unhealthy habits. We should try to adopt healthy habits which is one step towards a healthy environment.

We should check our blood pressure , the amount of sugar level once in a month. This would help us to know if our heart and our body is healthy or not.

Following these steps can be beneficial for our heart, we should give some of our crucial time to our body as it also requires proper care.

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