Properties of Guava and its benefits.

Scientific Name – Psidium guajava L.

English Name – Guava.


Guava is one of the known fruits, many of us know about the benefits of this fruits but very few of us know about the properties and different benefits we can gain from this fruit.

Acidic Composition – Guava tree contains Tannic Acid in its skin or bark. It also contains Calcium Oxalate. The leaves of guava tree contains Tannin, Dissolving Oil and Minerals. Phosphoric acid and juice mixed with magnesium are also present in guava tree.

Benefits of Guava 

  • Guava provides energy to our heart, for a better function of heart one should always eat Guava.
  • It also helps in cleaning and killing Intestinal Parasites.
  • It helps in controlling vomiting.
  • Guava also helps in curing Cough and Dry Cough.
  • It also helps in improving digestion and immunity.

Home Remedies  

  • For HEADACHE grate a raw guava and apply that paste on the suffering area. This will completely control your headache.
  • TOOTH PROBLEMS – Chewing 3-4 leaves of guava tree can overcome any kind of tooth problems . For example in toothaches chewing the leaves can give you relief.
  • MOUTH ULCERS – Soft leaves of guava tree mixed with Catechu ( Kattha ) can cure mouth ulcers.
  • ARRAIGNMENT PROBLEMS – Applying the juice of guava leaves on the backbone of the children can cure the arraignment problems.
  • DIARRHOEA – Eating a boiled raw guava can overcome diarrhoea easily or you can boil the roots of guava tree and consume that water that can also help in overcoming diarrhoea.
  • JOINTS PAIN OR ARTHRITIS – Grating the leaves and applying that paste on the effected area can be helpful in joints pain or arthritis.
  • CONSTIPATION – Eating guava can help in overcoming constipation problems.














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