Benefits and Properties of Onion.



TYPES OF ONION – Red Onion , White Onion.

PROPERTIES OF ONION – Onion contains Proteins , Carbohydrates , Calcium , Iron , Vitamin A , Vitamin B and Vitamin C.


  • Onion can be very beneficial for a person suffering from gastric problems.
  • It is also very helpful for healthy sleep.
  • Onions also help to control cough.
  • It also helps to control acidity in our body.
  • Onion is also beneficial to cure skin diseases.


  1. HEALTHY SLEEP – Mix the onion seeds in tea and having that tea twice a day will help you to have a healthy sleep.
  2. COLD – Take 10 ml of onion juice and mix it with 1 tbsp. of honey . Having that mixture twice or thrice a day would help you to overcome Common Cold.
  3. IMPROVES VISION – Mix honey in onion juice and use it as eye drops, it will help in improving the vision of your eyes
  4. HEART DISEASES – Mix paste of onion with vinegar , having that mixture daily with the meals will help you to overcome heart diseases.
  5. EAR PAIN – Pour 2-3 drops of onion juice in ear , it will help in overcoming pain in ears.
  6. IMPROVES DIGESTION – Onion juice is good for improving digestion in our body.
  7. MAKES LIVER STRONG – Take some amount of vinegar and mix it with onion juice and have it once or twice a day , this will make your liver strong and healthy.
  8. KIDNEY STONES – Onion juice is very beneficial for the person having kidney stones.
  9. ARTHRITIS – Mix onion juice with Rae oil and apply it on the affected area , this will give a great relief.

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