OVERVIEW – So far we have seen many benefits of fruits and vegetables ,in this article we will come across some benefits of Arjuna tree. Many problems are cured easily like acidity , heart problems , cough etc. We will also see some chemical properties of Arjuna tree.

PROPERTIES OF ARJUNA TREE – The peel or the skin of Arjuna tree consists of Calcium , Carbonate , Sodium , Magnesium and Aluminium.


  • It is very beneficial for our heart.
  • Arjuna tree can be very useful to cure cough easily.
  • It is also beneficial for a person suffering from acidity.
  • It is very effective for the person suffering from gastric problems.


  1. MOUTH ULCER – Mix the powder of Arjuna tree roots with sweet oil and warm water and do gargles twice a day, it will help to cure mouth ulcers easily.
  2. EAR PAIN – The oil of arjuna tree leaves are very beneficial for ear pain.
  3. REMOVES DARK CIRCLES – Paste of arjuna tree peel along with honey can remove dark circles, applying that paste on the affected area will easily remove dark circles.
  4. CONTROLS HEART BEAT – Mix one spoon of arjuna peel’s powder in one glass of tomato juice , having that juice once in a day can control heart beat.
  5. CARDIAC TONIC – After suffering from heart attack boil the peel of arjuna tree in water till it becomes half. Drinking that water will act as a Cardiac Tonic and will make your heart strong.
  6. CONTROLS HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE – Peel of arjuna tree is very beneficial for controlling high blood pressure.
  7. BONES FRACTURE – Mix powder of arjuna tree peel in one cup of milk , having that milk twice a day will make your bones strong.
  8. LEPROSY – The powder of its peel when mixed with one glass of water gives relief in Leprosy.
  9. FEVER – Eat jiggery along with the powder of arjuna tree peel , it cures fever very quickly.

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